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Three Important Aspects You Need For A Paid Bathroom

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Most people will pay a little more for improved facilities. If you are interested in opening a facility that will help out the public, but is in a somewhat unusual industry, a paid toilet is one idea that will work. A paid toilet can be one-time use, usage for a 24 hour period, or even sell passes that allow consumers to utilize the facility for a full week or month. No matter how you wish to operate the payment schedule, there are some important things that you will need inside of your pay toilet. Here are three upgraded amenities that you will need inside of your paid toilet venture.  Private, comfortable stalls Most consumers will not pay to use a toilet that is just like other free toilets in the area. The reason why many people will pay for a bathroom stall is because it offers them more privacy than the usual bathroom stall. Be sure to set up stalls so that after users enter the bathroom area, they can go into a stall that will offer the complete privacy from other units, plus a more comfortable and plush place to be. Single toilet bathroom stalls with a tiny shower and a small couch or bench will make your customers happy and help them clean up in any way necessary.  Upgraded led mirrors and toiletries Stopping by a pay toilet does not just have to be used only for the toilet. Being able to stop by at a pay toilet and use upgraded mirrors and toiletry during some nights out will make the ability to use a pay toilet in the city well worth it. Be sure to use LED mirrors that are full length and have good lighting for applying makeup or otherwise primping. Small toiletries, including single soaps, hand sanitizers, wipes, and hair supplies will entice further customers who tend to work and visit clubs or bars in the area.  Full-time attendants All good pay toilets need full-time attendants. The attendants should make sure that the facility is spotless and has a good aura at all times. They will also need to pass out towels, restock any items in each of the restrooms, and offer help or information to those who may need it. The restroom attendants should also be able to take payment from those who are interested in using the restroom once or sell passes to those who may be interested in a membership. Full-time attendants make the step from a gym restroom to upscale bathroom worth of a...

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Three Reasons To Embrace Cloud Computing For Enterprise Resource Planning

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If you have a small to medium size business, you should already be using some form of enterprise resource planning software. The ability to interpret data from several areas of your business’s activities is essential to success. However, there are several advantages of using this type of software as a service in a cloud computing environment. The following are among the most important. Better software support Unlike software that you purchase for your own internal system that has limited customer support, software as a service provides all the support you need. SaaS as a business model makes its profits from satisfied customers who are paying for their service on a monthly basis. When you are able to use the software to its fullest capability, then you are likely getting its full benefits, and will continue to purchase the monthly service. An SaaS company is always there to assist you with any questions or problems. It is easy to expand your network Small and medium size companies need to be able to expand rapidly if necessary, and this is one of the hallmarks of cloud computing software. With software that you have purchased for your local network, it takes more time to get additional licenses to expand your use. And depending upon the particular software program, you may need to install a more robust version of the program. ERP software in a cloud computing environment is easily expanded with a phone call or even an email. All of the issues related to expanding usage are handled remotely by a third party vendor. Easy access from anywhere This is an important advantage to have for your business. Due to the nature of cloud computing, your employees will be able to access company data from anywhere they have an Internet connection. This gives a small or medium size company the ability to react more quickly to changing business conditions. There is also less investment in the hardware needed to access the software and data. Without a cloud environment, money must be spent on servers and other networking equipment. In general, your business will be able to use the data from good ERP software more quickly when it is used in a cloud computing environment. And the ability to react quickly is a great advantage that a small company should have. Larger competitors are likely to have bulky organizations that move slowly. In order for ERP software to be used to its fullest potential, it should be purchased from a SaaS vendor in a cloud computing environment. The reasons listed above are only a few of the advantages in doing...

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3 Myths About Home Security Systems

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Some families are missing the home security they need because they have received the wrong information. If your family and home are not protected with a home security system because of myths you have heard, it is time to learn more about the reality of protecting your home. Here are some of the most commonly believed myths about home security systems and the truth.  Home Security Is Expensive The idea of a home security system seems expensive, but in reality, it is not. Many locksmiths can install a home security system that fits within your budget and provides you with the security your family and home needs.  As an added bonus, your homeowner’s insurance provider might provide you with discounts for having a system in place. Contact your provider and find out which security systems meet the qualifications to receive a discount. With this information, you and your locksmith can narrow down your choices and find a system that is right for you.  Home Security Systems Do Not Work in Power Outages Newer wireless systems do not have the same reliance on your home’s wiring as wired systems. Wireless systems can often still connect to the alarm company’s system via cellular technology even if the phone lines are down.  The systems have backup power support with batteries, which means that regardless of whether or not the power is on in your home, the system is still functional and protecting your home. If something happens, the system will still alert the security company or you.  Paid Monitoring Is Required With a Security System In the past, home security systems usually required a monthly or annual payment to an alarm security company for monitoring activity at your home. However, advances in technology means that this is no longer required.  Your system can be set up so that you can monitor. Your system can send you alerts through a phone call, text, or email regarding your home’s security. If you have surveillance cameras set up at your home, you can even use apps to view your home in real-time. If there is an issue, you can alert local law enforcement just as an alarm security company would.  The wrong information about home security systems should not leave your family and home vulnerable. Consult with a locksmith to find out the realities of having a home security system and to learn more about which system would be best for your home. Contact a business, such as Pinnacle Lock & Safe, for more information....

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4 Tips To Help You Rent A Tent For Your Outdoor Wedding

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Having your wedding outdoors allows you take advantage of the natural beauty that exists at your chosen venue. In order to ensure that your guests are comfortable during the ceremony and reception, you may want to invest in some tent rentals for your wedding day. Here are four tips that you can use while renting your tents to ensure you have the perfect outdoor wedding. 1. Rent more than one tent. Investing in a single tent rental can make the enclosed space feel cavernous and uninviting. Renting a series of tents that will adjoin one another allows you to create many different enclosed spaces that are all connected to one another. Guests can move from one tent containing food to another tent containing seating to another tent containing live music, depending on their mood. Be sure to ask your event rental company about adjoining tents when planning your outdoor wedding. 2. Consider the addition of flooring. Adding some flooring to the interior of your tents can help make guests feel more comfortable as they attend your outdoor wedding. If there is the potential for inclement weather in the days prior to your wedding, the ground could become saturated and difficult to walk on. The addition of flooring to your rental tent will help prevent potential injuries and other discomforts for your guests as they move throughout the tents at your outdoor wedding. 3. Keep your tents cool. The enclosed areas within rental tents can easily become stuffy when exposed to direct sunlight. If the atmosphere within your rental tents is too hot, your guests likely won’t want to spend time celebrating inside these structures. When renting a tent for your outdoor wedding, you should also plan to rent large fans that can be installed inside the tents. These fans will circulate air throughout the enclosed space, creating a comfortable environment for your wedding guests. 4. Opt for a tent with sidewalls. If you are not looking to keep the space inside your tents as open as possible, it can be beneficial to rent a tent with sidewalls. These sidewalls offer support to the tent’s roof, eliminating the need for metal poles to be placed throughout the interior of the tent. Sidewalls can also provide a stable surface on which you can hang photographs or other decor to create your desired ambiance. Planning an outdoor wedding can be exciting, and taking the time to rent a few tents to accommodate your guests will help ensure your outdoor wedding is memorable for the right reasons. For party rentals, contact a company such as Area Rent-Alls Equip...

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8 Ways To Build Buzz For Your Business

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Building buzz for your business once started in a storefront or on a sign. Today, it begins on the Internet. When you need to get people excite about your business, you have a number of steps at your disposal. This list will get you started on your list. 1. Provide professional insight on your blog. Starting a blog is a great place to start when you are reaching out to clients and customers. On your blog, you can lend insight into the professional world and provide assistance with problems your readers may be having. 2. Build partnerships with other Internet users. There are many people on the web who would be happy to help you build up your brand. In fact, you may be able to enter a cross-promotion deal with another business owner on Twitter or Facebook. 3. Host an in-person event. Hosting an event in person is a great way to alert locals to your business. You can promote the business event not only online, but also in local newspapers and magazines, and through your local news outlet. 4. Turn to Youtube. There is no doubt that Youtube plays a key role in the way many companies choose to advertise on the web. Whether they place advertisements on Youtube videos or opt to make videos of their own, you simply cannot ignore the power of this social medium. 5. Build a podcast. Radio shows may be falling out of favor, but that does not mean that the desire to hear people speak about important issues has disappeared. The audience has simply migrated over to podcasts. You can build plenty of buzz by bringing up important topics related to your business in audio form. 6. Become a public speaker. If you find yourself to be especially charismatic, you can always benefit from speaking in public venues. You might find yourself inspired to perform a TED Talks type of speech or even simply speak to city council. 7. Reach out via Twitter. Twitter is great because it presents you with a large audience with very little effort. Marketing your efforts on Twitter is something you can automate in just a few minutes, making it a simple process. 8. Launch a sale online. The tried and true method of holding a sale in your shop is always a good idea. With the Internet available, you may consider migrating your sale to your website rather than just your storefront. If you are looking for new ways to build buzz for your business, you have plenty of...

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Four Tips For Storing Camping Gear In Your Storage Unit

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Camping can be a fun hobby and a good way to spend quality time with friends or family, but it may not be something that you can do all year due to the weather or your schedule. If this is the case, you likely need to have a good place for everything to be stored due to how much space camping gear can take up. While an attic or basement can provide room for storing a tent, sleeping bags, and other gear, you may prefer to have these items stored away from your home so that you can enjoy more storage at home. The best way to do this is by renting a storage unit. Before dropping everything off at the storage facility, consider the following tips to keep your camping gear in good shape. Empty Out Any Pockets or Folds Before placing anything into storage, it’s important that you make sure that there is nothing that has been left behind. Some good examples to consider are if you have any clothing that you’re leaving in storage, the pockets may contain anything from a spare key to even trail snacks. Along with checking all the pockets of your camping gear, you also want to make sure that nothing’s been trapped in the folds of any items that folded to fit into storage. Allow Everything to Dry First If you intend on storing some of your camping gear immediately after returning from a trip, there’s always the chance that some items are still damp. Allowing everything to dry before placing it into storage will help ensure that there is no mildew growth. Utilize Proper Storing Accessories While it might be the most cost-effective to simply place all of your camping gear into boxes and into storage, the best thing to do is rely on the right storage solutions. Some good examples to consider include plastic storage containers designed for clothing and tarps that can be placed over larger items. Rely on Climate Control to Prevent Mold Although some of the above tips can help prevent mold from growing in your storage unit, it’s still a good idea to make sure that you get climate control. Since most storage facilities offer climate control without a lot of extra fees, you can feel good about getting the service without exceeding your desired budget. Taking care of your camping gear that’s going to be placed in the storage requires some special planning, with the above tips helping you achieve this...

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Tips To Help Keep Your Young Children Occupied While At A Laundromat

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If you will be bringing your young children with you to a laundromat to wash and dry your family’s clothes and are concerned about your kids causing your experience to be difficult, the following tips will help keep your offspring occupied while completing the job at hand.  Delegate Small Tasks If your children are old enough to follow simple instructions, have them assist you with some basic tasks. Allow them to exchange dollar bills for quarters or purchase laundry soap and dryer sheets from vending machines. Once they have acquired all of the materials that you need to wash the clothing that you brought with you, ask them to fill the coin operated machines with quarters in order to turn the equipment on. Your children can also assist with pouring detergent into the wash basins or adding dryer sheets to the dryers once the clothing has been washed. These small jobs will help your children feel important and may minimize the amount of time that is spent at the laundromat.  Bring A Box Of Activities Pack a bag of activities for your children to enjoy while at the laundry facility. Simple games that do not contain a lot of parts, coloring books and a box of crayons, or reading materials may help make time go by quickly for your children and will provide you with ample time to wash, dry, and fold clothing items. Participate in the activities with your children while waiting on the washing machines or dryers to stop operating to help keep your children interested in them. Keep the bag in your vehicle at all times so that you have plenty of materials to help prevent boredom if you will be visiting another public place with your children. Promise A Small Reward For Good Behavior Before heading to the laundromat, discuss the importance of good behavior to your children and encourage them to try hard to listen to while away from home. Promise a small reward for good behavior, such as a trip to a local ice cream parlor or park. If your children behave well at the laundromat, follow through with your promise. The reward will provide your children with enjoyment and may also be appreciated by you. Plan a future outing as a reward after each subsequent trip to the laundromat so that your children have something to look forward to. All of these tips will help you remain stress-free while washing and drying clothing and will keep your children entertained while away from home. Click here to learn...

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Farm Insurance: Protecting Farmers’ Valuable Assets

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For farm and ranch owners, their unique needs require them to have additional insurance to protect their property, livestock, and land. Farm insurance is available to cover losses and damages that are more typical of life on a farm. While standard homeowners insurance is also needed to protect farmers’ actual home, supplemental farm insurance is available to provide much more coverage in case it’s needed. Barns And Other Buildings  Barns, equipment sheds, and grain silos or storage buildings must be insured separately under a farm insurance policy. This protection will help farmers make repairs or rebuild in the event of a severe storm or fire. It also covers the same things that regular homeowners  insurance will such as damage from vandalism or theft. If a property is legally considered to be a farm or ranch, this type of insurance must be purchased in order to protect the separate outbuildings.  Crops And Livestock Harvesting crops and producing healthy livestock are the building blocks for a farmer’s livelihood, so protecting them against loss is extremely important. Most farm insurance policies will cover the loss of livestock animals due to a severe storm or accident. Death of animals due to disease must be covered with a supplemental plan that specifically provides compensation for this issue known as animal mortallity insurance. When it comes to crops, farm insurance will cover losses due to natural disasters or diseases spreading that kill large sections of vegetation. However, if a farmer loses money due to problems with the current crop market, this can only be covered by purchasing a separate crop insurance policy. Equipment And Vehicles Farming equipment is costly and it is essential to have it covered under some kind of insurance plan. The equipment must be used for work-related activities on the farm and it’s advised that you determine the current value of your equipment to ensure you’re not paying too high of a premium. Each year the value of the equipment may decline slightly, so you should check with your insurance agent about getting reduced scheduled annual rates. Vehicles may also be covered under the farm insurance plan as long as they’re used as part of the business operation and not for personal use. This coverage will take care of costs incurred as a result of damage from weather or serious accidents and should also contain a liability clause so farmers can protect their workers if someone gets injured while operating equipment. Farm insurance is a complex form of coverage that should be purchased after talking to an agent who specializes in this type of coverage (like those at Western Reserve...

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Are Your Individual Sales Disappointing? How To Boost Your Results Fast

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If you are working in a sales position and you really need to improve your numbers, it’s important to make sure you are utilizing all of the potential options to get new clients. If you aren’t interacting with your clients regularly, getting into new businesses, and making an effort to expand your personal brand along with the brand of the company that you work for, then you aren’t going to get the results that you want. Here are a few of the professional services you may want to consider to help build your sales and customer base. Social Media Consultant                 If you aren’t on social media, you are missing out on tons of sales opportunities. If you don’t know how to work social media properly, you could be facing the same problem. You need to make business connections, post viral videos, and interact with people through social media to get others to gain interest in your business or services, and so you can increase your reputation and sales. Business to Business Appointment Service   If you are having a hard time targeting the potential clients that you need, or setting up appointments, find a business to business appointment setting service. They will get you the appointments you want with companies that need what you have to offer. A b2b appointment setting service will work with your schedule and the other businesses to set a date and time, and then it’s up to you to close the deal. These appointments can turn to long term customers. Research Your Area Are you constantly taking the time to research your area, to make sure that you aren’t missing out on new or expanding businesses in your area that could use your services? If not, you’ll want to start taking the time to research the customers that aren’t as obvious as the companies you normally target, and you’ll want to get involved with startups and new businesses. The amount of time you put in is going to reflect how well your sales are, and how many new customers you get throughout the year. Work with a social media consultant to make sure your brand and image is approachable and likeable, and to ensure that you’re interacting with your customers or potential clients enough. The appointment setting services will help get you in the door of new places, along with taking the time to do some research on your...

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How To Store Emergency Food In A Self-Storage Unit

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Do you want to accumulate an emergency supply of food but don’t have the storage space in your house for it? You can get creative and keep your emergency food supply in a self-storage unit. Your emergency food supply will remain in a good condition and be easy to access if you put a little thought into how it is stored in the unit. Find out in this article how you can safely store your emergency food supply in a self-storage unit and keep it organized. 1. Make Sure Your Unit is Climate Controlled It is important for you to make sure your food is stored in the right kind of environment, especially if you intend on leaving it in the storage unit for a long time. Even if you are storing canned goods, it is important for the temperature in the unit to be right. You don’t want your canned goods exposed to a lot of humidity because corrosion can occur and make the food inside a health risk to eat. A climate controlled unit will allow you to keep a temperature that is not too hot or cold, which can be good for food products that are packaged, boxed and canned. 2. Keep Your Emergency Food Supply On Shelves Make sure that there are an ample amount of shelves in your self-storage unit. Keeping your emergency food supply on shelves will make it easier to access when the need comes. The shelves will give you the ability to organize your food in a way that it is easy to see. For instance, you can store certain types of food together so they will be easy to grab, especially if you will be using the food on a regular basis and replacing it. Shelves will also keep the food off of the floor in case a flood occurs that leads to water getting under the door. 3. Get into the Habit of Rotating Your Food If you want to make sure that none of your food sits beyond the expiration date while it is stored, it is wise to rotate it on occasion so the oldest food can be moved to the front of the shelves. Keep notes of the expiration dates during the times that the food is rotated so you will know how much time you have to use and replace it. Stop by a self-storage facility, such as Statewide Self Storage, and rent a unit for your emergency food supply so you can begin letting it...

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