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What Are The Benefits Of Using Managed Print Services?

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Your company relies on printing a certain number of documents each month, but you might find that it is difficult keeping up with printing equipment maintenance, the cost of printing, and the amount of paper being used. This is where the benefit of managed print services comes in, which is offered by a variety of business printing companies. It covers various devices, from printers and photocopy machines, to fax machines and scanning machines. Improve Productivity One of the top benefits to utilizing managed print services is having better productivity. It is not uncommon for your printing work to take a pause because your equipment malfunctions, whether it simply needs routine maintenance or it has a major issue to be repaired. With managed print services, all equipment is managed for you, where you never have to worry about running out of toner or ink, or trying to keep up with maintenance on your own. Increase Cost Predictability Another excellent benefit to managed print services is that you already know what costs you are going to face, without being surprised by a printer or fax machine that suddenly needs repairs or replacement. You have more predictability in your monthly printing costs, which helps you budget these costs appropriately. Not only are you going to know what costs are associated with printing documents, copying documents and photos, and maintaining equipment, but you can also avoid extra costs related to toner and print cartridges being kept in the office. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Since the entire printing production process is managed by the printing services company, you are only using as much paper as absolutely necessary. This can help you save your company emissions and carbon footprint by not wasting paper. It is also eco-friendly because you don’t have excessive maintenance work on a printer that might be using more energy than is necessary. You are outsourcing your printing production process in the workplace, so you don’t have the high energy costs of printing documents on your own without this service. Enjoy Excellent File Security A benefit you might not have considered is the fact that you also have better file security with managed print services. All of the printing information used for these services comes with the highest amount of security. If you were to print documents right in your office, all information would be saved to the printer’s hard drive. It can be difficult knowing how to remove copies of your business documents without using managed services. Contact companies like Des Plaines Office Equipment Company for more information about managed print...

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3 Tips For Saving Money On Moving Boxes

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Moving in and of itself is a pretty big expense, so paying more for all of the extra things can add up pretty fast. For example, paying full price for the moving boxes that you need to move can be quite expensive and should be something to avoid if at all possible. There are certain things that you can do to save money on your moving boxes and this article will discuss 3 of these tips.  Use A Moving Company  Often times if you pay to have a moving company come in and move you, they will give you all of the boxes that you need as part of the moving package price. This gives you all of your boxes at an extremely discounted rate, making it much more affordable. You also don’t have to worry about running out of boxes because you can get as many boxes as you need to pack up all of your belongings. The variety of boxes that they have available is also amazing, so finding boxes to fit all of your items won’t be a problem for you either.  Save Your Boxes If You Plan On Moving Again  If you know that you are going to be moving again within the next few months, or even years, then it can be a great idea to save your moving boxes. Moving boxes break down and become very flat, so they are quite easy to store without taking up too much space. You can keep them under beds, in closets, under your house, in your basement, or anywhere else that you have available. You will just want to ensure that they aren’t in a moist area because this can warp and destroy the boxes. However, if the boxes are kept in a good environment then they will stay in perfect condition for using them again.  Keep Items You Don’t Need Boxed If you are living in an apartment or other small location for a designated amount of time, then it is best to keep the items that you don’t need boxed. Unboxing them, even to put them in storage, is a waste of time and money because you will have to rebox them once again to move them. Keeping them in their box not only saves you from having to purchase another box, but keeps the items inside much safer than if they were simply sitting...

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Having Commercial Property Intruders? Get The Best Security Features

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If you are having a problem with theft around your commercial property and people keep trespassing on the grounds after hours, there are a few effective ways to treat the problem. You don’t want to put your business at risk, and improving security can reduce property and business insurance rates. You want to find security professionals in your area that can evaluate your business for security concerns, and that will help you make the place more secure. Here are a few things to ask about and consider. IP Cameras IP cameras are video surveillance cameras that you can access from anywhere, so you can see what is going on at the property while you aren’t away. You can see the video feed on your phone, a tablet or your computer, and you can get alerts if there is unusual activity. You can also have the videos recording, so you can look back through the recording if there was something that happened that you missed. Live Security You don’t need to have a security guard at the property around the clock, but having someone there when you aren’t at night is worth the cost. Paying a company to do random drive by and inspections throughout the night is also a great possibility if you don’t want to pay somewhere to be there constantly. Different security companies have different options for live guards. Improved Security System If your security system is outdated then potential intruders may already know how to get past it to get into the property. Get a system that has motion activators inside the building when the alarm is set, along with motion sensors outside the building. The system should also have wireless controls so you can set the system and monitor the entrances while you’re away from the building. Fencing Fencing with motion activated lighting is going to prevent people from getting over the fence without being seen on the cameras. It also should be enough to scare them away. Talk with the security company about tall wire fencing. The more lines of defense you have against potential intruders, the better off you’re going to be when preventing a break-in or property theft. Get estimates from a couple of different security companies, like Security Services Northwest, Inc, to see what each company thinks you need to improve your business, and to see what it’s going to cost to get everything done for the...

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3 Reasons To Stop Ignoring Your Faded Sign

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When you first purchased a commercial sign for your business, you probably loved how shiny and new it looked. Over time, however, it may not look as good as it once did. Even the best signs can start to fade and become worn-out over time, and it can be easy for it to happen without you even realizing it. If your commercial sign is looking faded and has seen better days, however, it’s time to stop ignoring the problem. These are the main reasons why. 1. It’s More Affordable Than You Think When you think about shelling out the cash for a brand new commercial sign, it can be easy to convince yourself that your existing sign is just fine. However, you don’t necessarily have to purchase a new sign in order to give your faded sign an upgrade. Instead, you can hire a sign repair company to reface or otherwise repair your sign to make it look like new again for a fraction of the price. 2. It Can Make Your Business Look Less Than Stellar Appearances really do matter, especially when it comes to your business. If it appears to passerby and customers that you don’t take care of your sign, it might appear that you’re slacking off in other areas of running your business as well. This can make your business look a lot less appealing to your current and potential customers alike, which can cost you business. 3. People Might Think You’re Out of Business Along with worrying about what people might think about your business, you also have to worry about people thinking that your business is no longer open if your sign is old and faded. Your sign might be the first thing that people see and hear in regards to your business, so if it looks too bad, people might pass your business right on by while thinking that you aren’t even open. Imagine all of the business that you can lose in this situation! It can be easy to ignore an old, faded and worn-out sign when you’re busy, and it can be even easier when you are worried about the cost of a new sign. However, even if you don’t want to address it right now, it is important to pay attention to your sign and to have it repaired as needed. Luckily, a good sign repair company can get your sign looking great again so that you don’t have any of these things to worry about. To learn more, contact a sign repair company like Apogee...

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Moving Prep: 2 Appliances That You Might Be Neglecting

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You may be really great at packing and organizing your belongings, but you might be overlooking two household items that you should not neglect. The following guide will help you get those items ready for transport and help make sure your move goes smoothly.  1. The Refrigerator Getting your refrigerator ready for transport does take some time, so consider the following before your moving day: Try not to purchase food that you will not be eating immediately. Give away food that you cannot finish. Consider purchasing a large ice box if your move is not too far away, as this will help preserve some of your food. Just keep in mind that you should not place this ice box with the rest of your belongings because the ice or water might spill. This water could ruin your belongings. Let the ice melt from the freezer or clean it out yourself. Make sure you dry the fridge inside and out as much as possible. Unplug the refrigerator and leave the doors open to make sure any moisture evaporates. Moisture may attract mold, mildew, and bugs, so this is an important step. Do not forget to empty out and clean the drain pan, and be sure to dry it out properly. You can find the drain pan using your owner’s manual or a guide, but it is usually under the refrigerator. You can also talk to your moving specialist, as he or she has moved several refrigerators and can offer other suggestions. 2. The Washing Machine Another appliance that requires your attention is the washing machine, so consider the following: You will need to do an initial cleaning of your washing machine. Use the following steps to do so: Run the empty machine using hot water and white vinegar or bleach. Leave the doors open for a day to let the compartments completely dry.                                    Turn the water valves off when you are ready to disconnect your washer. There are two valves, and they usually must be turned clockwise. Be sure that the machine is off and unplug it. Remove the hoses from your machine and then from the wall. You can detach them by turning the screws counterclockwise. Remember to place towels and buckets directly under these hoses to catch any leaking water. Remove the drain and empty any excess water into the bucket. Clean the intake valves where the hoses were attached and secure the drum using tape or through a method suggested in your owner’s manual. You can talk to your moving specialist if you feel uncomfortable about these steps or have any questions, or click here to look at more...

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Three Simple Ways to Extend Your Refrigerator’s Life after It’s Repaired

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A fridge that suddenly breaks down poses a rude awakening for you and your family, but arranging for a licensed refrigerator repair person to visit your home and get the fridge back to its proper working order can give the appliance a second life. Even if your actions didn’t specifically cause the fridge to break down, you can use this situation as a learning opportunity and take steps to extend the life of the appliance and reduce the risk of future breakdowns. Here are three simple habits to adopt to get the most out of your fridge. Vacuum the Coils If you pull your fridge away from the wall and unplug it, you might be shocked to see how dusty the rear of the appliance appears. You’ll also notice a series of metal coils that belong to the appliance’s condenser; they’re located either on the rear of the machine or at the bottom front, depending on the model. Dust that accumulates on these coils forces the condenser to work harder than necessary, which can prematurely age it. Place the brush attachment on your vacuum and carefully suck up the excess dust. The frequency with which you should perform this task depends on the dustiness of your home, but it’s useful to get in the habit of checking the fridge regularly to ensure the dust isn’t too thick. Keep Your Seals Strong Over time, it’s possible for your fridge’s seals to become cracked or otherwise lose their strength, which compromises the appliance’s operation. When the seals don’t form a strong bond with the frame of the fridge, cold air will escape. This situation means that the fridge will run harder and longer than it needs to, which can cause it to age quickly. A simple way to check your seals, beyond visually inspecting them for obvious wear or damage, is to place a dollar bill between the seal and the frame. When you pull on the bill to remove it, you should feel some resistance. If the bill slips out easily, your seal is compromised. Don’t Overload It Do your best to avoid overloading the fridge. Cramming too many contents into the fridge restricts the airflow inside the appliance, and a fridge is designed so that the air can flow smoothly around the contents. Although it’s always useful to check your manual to determine exactly how much you should fill your fridge, the general rule is to aim to keep it between 60 percent and 80 percent...

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Why Your Business Should Use Wooden Shipping Crates (Instead Of Cardboard)

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There are so many shipping boxes and crates out there that business owners can use nowadays. You can purchase them in all different shapes, sizes and materials, and you can even have them branded specifically for your business. Many businesses use cardboard shipping boxes since they are affordable and popular. However, your company could benefit from shipping out products in wooden shipping crates. These are a few reasons why. Make Your Shipments More Recognizable Obviously, you can have your cardboard boxes branded with your company’s logo and contact information on them. However, your boxes will still have to stand out among a sea of other company’s boxes that all have logos and printed information as well. Wooden shipping crates are not nearly as common, which means that they are sure to stand out. This could be something that your company could become well-known and universally recognized for. Enjoy Sturdier Shipments Keeping your products safe when they are being shipped is important. You don’t want to become well-known for shipping out products in a way that could cause them to become damaged easily, and you probably don’t want to deal with dissatisfied customers and all of the costs that can go along with dealing with damaged products. Wooden crates can hold more weight and withstand water and elements a lot better than cardboard can, which means that your shipments can be sturdier. Save on Shipping You might be able to save on your shipping costs if your transporting company of choice charges by weight rather than size. This is because you can probably pack more of your items into wooden crates than you can into cardboard boxes, so you’ll be able to reduce the number of boxes that you have to use when sending out shipments. Take Steps for the Environment Using wooden shipping crates is a good thing for the environment. You can specifically order crates that have been made out of recycled wood. Your crates can also be recycled in many ways; they can be reused for handy purposes, and they can be recycled in the more traditional way when they are no longer of use. There is nothing wrong with shipping out things for your company in cardboard boxes. However, cardboard boxes aren’t always the best choice, and you might find that wooden shipping crates are a better option instead. Luckily, you can order wooden shipping crates in many different shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find a good fit for your company’s shipping needs. Talk to a company like Portland Packaging Co Inc for more...

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Sourcing Office Furniture For A Collaborative Workspace

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If you are putting together or moving a team office space, you may be leaning towards setting up a collaborative workspace environment. This can put a new spin on traditional office workstations by bringing everyone together and providing an environment that will foster creativity and teamwork. Here are four things to look for in office furniture if you are specifically putting together a collaborative workspace environment. 1. Strike a Balance Between Public and Private Collaborative workspace environments shy away from rows of offices with doors shut and try to bring everyone together. If you can have a few rotating meeting rooms and offices available and everything else out in the open, your team will feel more connected. You can achieve this with transparent wall spaces and cubicle walls that are made out of glass or mesh for barriers that don’t cut up space. 2. Ad Hoc Meeting Areas While you are aiming for a common space feel overall, what you do with this is just as important. Make sure to have large tables and comfortable office chairs in corners of your open space where teams can work together. While there will always be a need for individual work on projects, teamwork should be encouraged. If a group is collectively working on a project, having everyone grouped together to check in and work through problems is a great way to keep creativity going. 3. Ergonomic Desks and Furnishings Be sure that the individual desks and furnishings that you do have are ergonomic. You will be creating an environment where people will be on the move and shying away from just sitting in their cubicle all day. When individual work time is needed, opt for office workstation equipment that is ergonomic. People should be able to raise and lower desks and chairs throughout the day to avoid injury from sitting in one spot day in and day out. 4. Easy to Plug in Workstations If you will be having individuals coming and going from multiple offices or people that are only in the office some of the time, having ad hoc office space that can be ready for anyone is key. Have all workstations plug-in ready for internet access, printing capabilities, and even phone charging so that an individual can come in and get to work at any workstation available. The office workspace environment is changing. If your company is moving in the direction of a collaborative workspace environment, be sure to set this up right from the beginning. The correct furnishings can bring creativity and a teamwork culture to your group that will keep everyone productive. For more information, contact a provider such as D and R Office Works...

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Tips For Turning A Temp Job To A Full Time Job

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When you want to be sure that you are best able to turn a temp job into a long-term position, there are some critical steps that you can take. A temporary staffing agency typically focuses on filling positions for months at a time or perhaps up to a year, but the way that you handle yourself on that position can determine whether you are kept on permanently or not. With this in mind, read below to figure out the best ways to maximize your opportunity of turning these temp jobs into full-time positions.  Pinpoint Specific Companies That You Want To Work For If you are working with a staffing agency, you should have a list of companies or sectors that you would like them to refer you to. Many potential temp employees go in simply happy to find employment, but if you target specific companies, you have a better chance of turning it into a career. When you have specific companies in mind, you can instantly make it known how you can contribute and make the company a better place to work. For this reason, you should also tailor your resume in a way that makes it desirable to those particular companies.  Make Your Purpose Known To The Temp Agency Rather than bugging your new employer about a permanent position, you should let the temp agency know. They’ll be able to go to bat for you, since they have an established relationship with the company that they send you to. The temp agency will best be able to communicate with the right person at the company who can make the decision on whether to keep you on board or not. As you make your purpose known, always focus on taking the initiative with projects, so that you become an irreplaceable part of the company.  Do More Than Expected The best way to make yourself attractive when on a temp job is to alway do more than required. You should make it a point to be there earliest, while staying the latest. Further, if there is any additional work to be done on a weekend, don’t hesitate to volunteer your services. The best case scenario is that you’ll get hired by that company, but even if they don’t have a position for you, they can provide you with a glowing reference.  Use these tips and follow them to make the most of your temp job.  For more information, visit sites...

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What Masonry Can Be Added To Your Home’s Exterior?

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If you’ve always loved the thought of living in a little stone cottage, but aren’t sure you can justify the expense of moving (or constructing a stone home from the ground up), you may be looking for ways to make your current home more quaint. One way to accomplish this is to replace your existing siding with stone or artificial stone veneer, which can give your home the look and feel of a cottage at a much lower price. Read on to learn more about these building materials and determine which may be the best option for your home. Stone veneer Stone veneer is made from thin slices of real stone, overlaid in sheets to give the appearance of masonry. To apply this veneer, a contractor will remove your existing siding or shingles, measure the stone sheets to fit, and apply them to your house with a sticky industrial solvent. After this solvent has dried, the stone should be firmly attached to the outside of your home, rendering it indistinguishable from a solid stone home. An advantage of stone veneer over an actual masonry home is the ability to quickly make repairs and changes. Patching broken or chipped stones in a stone house often takes the skills of an expert mason to blend the old stones with the newer one, and can take weeks to repair. Patching a broken section of stone veneer can usually be accomplished just by cutting out a section of stone veneer to fit and re-gluing it. However, this veneer can be heavy — and if you don’t have the thick support beams necessary to support this extra weight, you could run into trouble. Before installing stone veneer, you’ll want to have a contractor inspect your home to ensure that your walls can handle this extra weight without buckling. Artificial stone veneer If you’re not sure your home can support the weight of genuine stone veneer, artificial stone veneer may be a viable alternative. This veneer is composed of tough, durable plastic that is treated with special UV-resistant chemicals. This helps keep the “stone” from fading or changing color, even after years of constant sun exposure. Artificial stone veneer is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to select a style that will work well with the rest of your home.  Because real stone veneer is often made from thin stones — like slate or shale — it can be more fragile and prone to breaking than artificial stone veneer. If you’re planning to place this veneer on a part of your home that gets a great deal of use (like the wall adjoining an attached basketball goal), artificial is generally the way to...

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